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Dance Etiquette

Two things come to mind when dance etiquette is broached.  One has to do with collisions on the dance floor.  Basically smooth dancing is done around the perimeter of the floor, going counter-clockwise, like a race track.  Rhythm dances are done in place anywhere on the dance floor if the song is obviously ONLY a rhythm song.  But some dances can be both.  Some quicksteps can be jives, and vice versa, danced to the same songs, likewise with foxtrot and East/or West Coast Swing.  If you and your partner choose to do a rhythm dance to music that can also be interpreted as smooth, you must dance in the center of the floor and leave the outside perimeter for the smooth dancers, who will be cruising along.  If you accidentally bump, or worse, crash into anyone while dancing, it is PROPER ETIQUETTE for both parties to apologize, no matter who thinks who is at fault!!!

Happy dancing!!!!!.