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We at R & R Productions would like your dance experience to be as pleasurable as possible, so please bear with us as we go over a few policies that need to be reiterated.

1. Regarding the Italian American Club’s Sunday night dance:  ALL beverages are to be dispensed by the bartender.  Not only is it is essential that the bartender have complete control over this, but in Connecticut it is the law.  It is called the Dram Shop Act.  This means nobody is allowed to bring ANY beverages into the club-no water bottles, coffee, etc.

This law only applies when alcohol is being served.  Whether it is a cash bar or open bar the bartender must be aware of any one who is drinking.  Should any one leave the facility and get in an accident and was at the club drinking, the bartender and the club could be held criminally and/or civilly liable.  They have no way to determine whether you might be drinking water or vodka, etc.  Therefore, (by State Law) no beverages are allowed to be brought in.

2. In the interest of protecting the privacy of others, please be courteous when taking still photographs of others (i.e.-snapshots).  Please announce that you are photographing, and allow people who do not want to be in your pictures the opportunity to remove themselves from the immediate area.

3. Videotaping during any part of the dance is expressly forbidden!   If you have any questions on this policy please see Ron or Lee.

4. Admission into all our dance events are for the whole evening, and include all night dancing, a lesson where advertised, and “coffee-and .”  Since our events span several hours, admission price is non-refundable. 


5. Dancing at all of our events is at the dancer’s own risk.

R & R Productions strives hard to make your dancing experience here at the Italian American Club (Sundays), the Ukrainian National Home (Wednesdays), and Mini-Roseland/Rocky Hill (First Saturday night) a fun and happy time.  We ask that you abide by these simple policies that have their foundation in both Connecticut law and privacy acts.